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Smooth Surface, Quicker Installation 
For Pool Services and Pool Maintenance 
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Marbalite Finish Advantages


The texture of the marbalite finish gives you the satisfaction of a smooth surface with a  non-slip effect. 

Cheaper costs

It is cheaper to line your pool with marbalite rather than a fibreglass finish. The materials used are cheaper than fibreglass.

Shorter Time to Set

There is no curing time like fibreglass pools. Once you have lined your pool with marbalite, once you out the water in your pool. It is ready for your enjoyment.

Colour Choice

Fortunatly you have the option of 4 colours to choose from, alternatively, you can get a custom colour made at additional costs.

Create your dream
swimming pool is our forte.


Marbalite Disadvantages

Longevity is limited 

A know the fact about opting for a marbalite finish is that the time is limited. It does last as long as a fibreglass finish.

There is no room for movement

Knowing that the earth naturally moves and shifts, this could affect your pool by cracking its surface, meaning you would have to realine every time the earth moves beneath and around your pool

Marks and stains

When lining your pool with marmalite, the curing process creates calcification steaks across its surface. The Marks and stains could take roughly 6 months to 2 years for them to fade away. This is just a cosmetic problem.

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