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Fibreglass Pools

Smooth Surface, Quicker Installation 
For Pool Services and Pool Maintenance 

Fibreglass Pool Advantages

Less Chance of Algae

A known pro of having a fibreglass pool installed is that it has less chance of getting contaminated with algae. Saving your costs on electricity because you won't have to run your pool pump so frequently. This being said, you still have to maintain and keep your pool ecosystem healthy.

Shorter Installation time

Fibreglass drop-in shells have a shorter installation time due to the fact that the shells are pre-made before installation.

Smooth Surface

A well-known fact about fibreglass pools is that the surface is always smooth. That being said you are able to sit anywhere in your pool with maximum comfort.

Fibreglass Pools Disadvantages

Limiting your Dreams

Because a drop-in-shell is predesigned. You don't have the liberty in creating that perfect dream pool. You are capable of choosing the colour of your pool and additional features but you can't create your own custom-designed to fit your house

Size does matter

If you are looking at getting a spacious pool with a deep end. I'm sad to say that it is not likely to happen! Because the shell has to be transported to you. It's unlikely that you would want to get your desired pool size.

Is my pool sunburnt?

Yes, you heard me correctly, A fibreglass pool can get blisters. It happens when water molecules get trapped underneath the gel coat layer, causing the fibreglass to get a bubble effect on its surface. These are known as osmotic blisters and often found in drop in shells.

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