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Fibreglass Finishing

Variety of Colour Choice, Lower Maintenance.

Fibreglass Finish Advantages

Lower Maintenance

Fibreglass pool requires less running time and chemical use. Meaning in the long run you'll be saving money

Smoother surface finish

Opting for a fibreglass finish gives your pool a luxurious surface for your enjoyment. 

Colour Choice

A huge perk for having a fibreglass finish is your ability to choose the right colour. Knowing that it's a tough choice, speak to one of our experts to help you make the correct choice.


Fibreglass Finish Disadvantages

There is more cost 

Something to consider if you choose to go the fibreglass route is that it is more expensive than a marbilite.

Darker colours

If you decide to choose a darker colour pool, you have more chance of white wax marks.  It is a cosmetic issue that appears with darker colour finishes but they do tend to fade over time. 


Some clients experience a slippery surface from the pools, this does depend on the client and their expectations. if you recognise this issue, it can be fixed with a non-slip surface finish.


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